Equipment & Suppliers

We are supplied by Premiere (the largest chemical supplier in the UK) for all consumables from cloths & chemicals to brushes, mop buckets, etc, they also provide a complete training program & support for A & A cleaning personnel.

Our machine supplier is Numatic and Karcher, who again are proven supplier and provide support for A & A  Cleaning LTD.

Maintenance and Servicing

A&A Cleaning focuses on achieving and maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that our clients are able to concentrate on their core business from day to day. Our skilled cleaning operatives remain discreet and carry out their work with minimum disruption, to make sure that every working environment can function as it needs to; our service is invisible but our results are tangible. A&A Cleaning is dedicated to assisting our clients to create a clean environment for employees and visitors alike. The provision of an all-inclusive cleaning service TO ALMOST ANY TYPE OF BUILDING which may be operated on varied frequencies, but always on a basis which is agreed and in compliance with a set of Terms and Conditions therefore comprising a contract!

With a list of services that can be adjusted to suit your budget A&A Cleaning will go that extra mile to work with our customers.

We can offer cleaning packages to suit our clients’ needs at whatever frequency they desire after Consultation. Our approach is based on providing our customers with a proactive and improved level of service geared towards continuous improvements. We aim to provide a clear and structured programme to all our customers ensuring consistency and maintenance in the standards of cleaning and hygiene in compliance with specifications and all individual site requirements; offering frequencies to suit each individual client, as suggested by ourselves after initial consultation.

Our first point of contact with you is to visit the site and understand your needs. We then provide a fully specified quotation along with Risk Assessment, Method Statements, Health and Safety Policy Statement and Insurance documentation.

Our pricing is transparent and shows clearly the cost breakdown.
Our all-inclusive costs include for the provision of:

  • All chemicals, cleaning products and machinery
  • The training and induction of all staff
  • The management and supervision of the contract
  • Uniforms and any required protective work wear for all members of cleaning personnel carrying the company logo enabling ease of identification

Once appointed, we arrange a pre-commencement visit, introduce the management who will be involved with you, agree an ongoing communication plan, discuss any TUPE implications, and make any helpful recommendations and suggestions.

Throughout our relationship with you, we wish to work with you to achieve your aims in terms of budget and cleanliness.

Although varied the frequencies will be regular and often with additional site specific cleaning and support tasks undertaken in addition to the main contractual duties. For Example; the periodic deep cleans undertaken in buildings during periods of annual leave.

A&A Cleaning are the providers of these regular cleaning services.

We are an organisation driven by customer service, with a culture, which stipulates a “Right first time” scenario; we are passionate about the levels of service we deliver from every angle and to all our customers. We believe we can not only improve and maintain the standards of cleanliness and hygiene within your building, but we will aim to reduce the costs to your budgets through an innovative approach and maximum of productivity.

A&A Cleaning Can provide a full Maintained program for your contract:
Services Provided:
We provide a full daily clean of Commercial Premises and Offices from emptying of bins, vacuuming of carpets, mopping hard floors, cleaning desks, toilet cleaning and replenishing of consumables.
We also provide quotes for one of cleans on new Builds, Change of Premises and House cleans

Additional Services:

  • Computer Cleaning including Keyboards.
  • Sanitising Telephones.
  • Carpet Cleaning using a steam operated cleaner to kill bugs and remove grease / coffee stains etc.
  • Upholstery Cleaning.
  • Window cleaning inside and out of Buildings using Cherry Pickers or Pole Fed. .
  • Floor Stripping Vinyl and Wooden floors.
  • Re-Polishing of floors.
  • Rotary cleaning and Buffing of Vinyl, Wood and Marble floors.
  • Deep Cleaning of toilet areas.
  • Wall Washing.